Global Health and Pharma Magazine (GHP) 2023 Pesticide of the year awarded to Lost Coast Plant Therapy

Global Health and Pharma Magazine (GHP) 2023 Pesticide of the year awarded to Lost Coast Plant Therapy

Pesticide & Fungicide Solutions Retailer of the Year - USA

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Dating back as far as 2000BC, pesticides have been used to prevent pests from reducing a flourishing crop field to a barren wasteland. However, the history of pesticides isn’t as straightforward as one may think – from farmers of the 14th century utilizing startling chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury to protect their harvest, to those in the modern day compiling a cocktail of compounds to fend off the pests. Thankfully, as time has progressed, we have come to recognize the harmful effects of coating our crops in chemicals, both on humans and the wider ecological systems, and have begun to seek alternatives. Delivering one such solution to this problem is LCPT Inc, a retailer whose ingeniously simple and synergistic formula is part of a movement to help change the future of agriculture practices to cleaner and more environmentally sound product choices.


Natural problems require natural solutions. Though this may seem like a very simple notion, it’s one that is often overlooked in favor of cost and time effectiveness. People want solutions that work quickly, and therefore tend to turn their gaze towards products that may seem beneficial in the moment, but ultimately cause a variety of issues later down the line. Whether this effect manifests itself through the gradual destruction of the localized ecology, or through the continuous decline of our population’s overall health, chemical pesticides have been having a less than desirable impact, especially in recent years. As such, a conversation has been sparked – how can we transition to a natural method of caring for our crops, while still upholding the results-based benefits of a more aggressive chemical counterpart?


It's a quandary that has troubled the agriculture world for decades now, with very few solutions presenting themselves. That is, until LCPT Inc came to be. This family-formed and run retailer, well versed in farming and the subsequent pitfalls of the agricultural industry, sought change, and began to pursue a wholly natural solution to an age-old issue. As a family who has always lived close to the land, they have recognized the harm that chemical pesticides were having across the globe. From bees and helpful critters, to the local fauna ecosystem, water, and soil, these unnatural elements and harsh chemical compositions have been exhibiting a destructive impact that needed to be rectified as quickly as possible. And so, LCPT Inc’s journey to source a new solution began.


LCPT Inc – or Lost Coast Plant Therapy – began with Debi and Dirk’s lifelong passion for growing plants of all types. Not only do they have an inherent love of nature but have been living an organic and natural lifestyle their entire adult lives. Living in a remote rural mountain community, they raised their children: daughters, Heather and Chloe, and son, Bree to have the same appreciation of the natural world. This would lead them onto the path they find themselves on today. LCPT Inc is a natural solution to the growing issue of pest control within agriculture, using a far gentler, yet far more effective, means to keep crops safe.


For over 53 years, the family has been involved in the world of organic gardening/farming. It’s this very lifestyle that served as LCPT Inc’s inspiration, and what ultimately led to the formulation of the product. LCPT Inc leveraged the power and benefits of natural ingredients to protect crops in a synergistic way and has already come leaps and bounds in garnering quite the impressive level of attention as a result. They understand that most individuals may hear “natural plant-based pesticide” and believe not strong enough to be effective. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.


Debi and Dirk initially never considered developing use of this product for anything beyond their own gardens and maybe for a few neighbors. Taking a product to market and making it available to the masses was not anything they imagined getting involved in. Besides, they first needed to seek out a way to ensure that the product would act as a suitable alternative to harmful chemical pesticides and fungicides. This trialing first began on their own farm, then with family and friends. Across all who used it, there was one resounding realisation – it worked. It worked exceptionally well, even. Not only did it keep crops safe from the ravages of soft body insects and many plant diseases, but it could be applied at any point, right up to harvest. There was no change in taste to the final crop, nor adverse health effects on the local ecology. Truly, the family had struck gold.


With a couple of years of thorough field testing, Debi and Dirk fine-tuned the formula and then shared the product with the family. With prior experience in manufacturing, Bree suggested they form a company and bring this product to market. After using their own product for long enough, and seeing positive results consistently, the family became excited about the possibility of providing the farming world with a natural pesticide solution. If it worked for them, it could potentially work for everybody. With each family member bringing their own unique skillset required to run a company successfully, LCPT Inc finally came to be. As a business, it represents the dreams of Debi, Dirk, and their children Heather, Bree, and Chloe to provide a product that is needed in the world as a safe option for all farms big and small and garden enthusiasts everywhere. Despite having a major presence in over 45 states, the business has never lost sight of its roots and ethic of providing excellent personal customer care so that all the users of the product are as successful as can be. 


Astonishingly, LCPT Inc is a company owned and led by only five people. Kept within the family, it’s able to uphold immediate communication, with internal conversations able to take place whenever, wherever. As such, despite the many attempts to do so, no company has succeeded in replicating the innovative product that LCPT Inc has to offer. Its market success stems from being part of a long standing and tight-knit community of trusted cannabis farmers, who, when they find something that works, are sure to let everyone know about it. Thus, the business has grown organically by word of mouth, and the reputation of the family itself. Partnered with the fact that each person under the LCPT Inc umbrella has grown up surrounded by the bounties of nature and immersed in an eco-conscious attitude, this only empowers its industry-changing product. LCPT Inc is an avid believer in the power of nature giving us all we need to thrive, and its plant-based protection product serves are definitive proof that this mindset should be the one leading the agriculture industry.


It has been noted by LCPT Inc that there’s an ever-growing trend of integrated pest management practices embracing the change from fast-acting yet potentially harmful, chemical compounds to a more natural way of defending crops from pests and plant disease. Many may resist at first, in fact, Dirk was the same when he first began farming, having difficulty finding something natural and organic that worked. It takes a while for people to truly understand how natural products could potentially work, but, once they do recognize the benefits, there’s simply no better option. LCPT Inc’s product works as a standalone or along with an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocol and encourages the overall health of crops. Be it for the benefit of the environment, or for the ecological systems of farms across the globe, it’s a clean solution that promises to be a viable alternative to chemical pesticides and fungicides that the world has been desperately crying out for.


And it’s clear that, in answering this call, LCPT Inc has managed to make an astounding difference already. From 2017 through to 2023 alone, over 205,000 gallons of its concentrate have completely replaced a whopping 26.3 million gallons of harmful chemical use with a cleaner alternative. This alone is proof enough that the product is beyond effective, and trusted with its composition, making it a top pick for farmers, especially cannabis farmers, around the world. Following this astounding rate of success, LCPT Inc hopes that its product will continue to extend its reach across the globe, all to fulfill one goal – protecting the world’s crops with the help of nature. The agricultural industry has been in need of transformation for a very long time, and it seems as though this much-anticipated shift is finally emerging thanks to the brilliance and innovation of LCPT Inc.


We believe that what truly distinguishes LCPT Inc is the fact that, despite there being plenty of solutions to unwanted pests and plant disease, it refused to accept that a harmful solution was the only one available. Through the family’s combined talents, perseverance, and hope for a better future for the agricultural field, it created a revolutionary product, created for use on cannabis and all crop types. LCPT Inc is a game-changing concentrate formula., This non-GMO, organic solution stands as a testament to the fact that there are clean alternatives.


All it took was for someone with enough drive and farming expertise to realise this, and that’s exactly where Dirk and Debi come in. Alongside their brilliant family, the pair began something that may very well, with any luck, completely shift the paradigm of pesticide solutions. For too long we have been using chemicals that could cause damage to our health, our environment, and the health of our wonderful ecological systems, and it’s time we take note of companies such as LCPT Inc. They have created a cost-effective solution that is capable of replacing many chemical-based pesticides as we know it. Our planet deserves better, and LCPT Inc intends to see to it that the agricultural industry is the first in line to be better.


A better world for farmers, consumers, crops, and nature alike – it’s a concept that sounds far too perfect, and yet LCPT Inc is already making great strides towards helping offer a better product and making this a reality. Its pesticide and fungicide solution, formulated with clean organic and eco-certified ingredients, holds the family’s hope for the future, to support farms in achieving outstanding results with none of the downside. Many farmers across the globe are already making the switch to this clean alternative. We’re certain that, as more and more begin to attune themselves to a more natural way of crop protection, LCPT Inc’s product will soon find itself becoming a staple within the agricultural industry. The future is starting to take shape, and LCPT Inc is at the heart of making it happen. We, for one, are proud to shine some light on such a revolutionary company. We sincerely look forward to seeing its plans for 2024 come to fruition.



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