About Our Ingredients:

Seven simple ingredients of the highest quality make up Lost Coast Plant Therapy. We only use biodegradable, food grade, and cosmetic grade ingredients. Below is more about the ingredients and what they do:


Soy Oil is food grade, organic, and non-GMO. ACTION: Coats insects and suffocates on contact. Bugs cannot build an immunity to suffocation.

Peppermint Essential Oil is organic and food grade (never synthetic). ACTION: Natural bug repellent.

Citric Acid is organic, plant derived (from Cassava root), food grade. ACTION: Adjusts pH of plant surface. Preservative. This ingredient makes the pH of the plant inhospitable for powdery mildew and eliminates spores on contact due to its anti-fungal properties. 


Soap is a proprietary blend and from a sustainable plant source. Lowers the surface tension of water/liquid, which helps it spread across the surface of anything it is applied to. An emulsifier (helps all the other ingredients to stay mixed together.)

We are very proud to say we do NOT use sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate.

Isopropyl Alcohol is cosmetic grade (safe for skin). An emulsifer.

Sodium Citrate is food grade. Preservative, this ingredient also buffers pH to keep it stable.

Water is purified, reverse osmosis. Emulsifier and thinning agent.

The concentrate is formulated with both natural and organic ingredients.

MSDS (sds):

Material Safety Data Sheet - CONCENTRATE

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