Giving Back

As our success has grown...

Here at Lost Coast Plant Therapy we have asked ourselves, what else can we do to contribute to a greater future for the planet and for other people?

There are some amazing people with all sorts of creativity, vision and desire to create a greater future for us all that we have contributed to with time and/or money. We'd like you to know about them!


Salmon Creek Community Volunteer Fire Department 

 A new fire truck for the neighborhood we grew up in!

We couldn't be more proud to help provide a new fire truck for our very own Salmon Creek Community Volunteer Fire Department. Replacing their ancient truck, they now can keep the community safe with fast response times.


Southern Humboldt Community Park

A message from Southern Humboldt Community Park:

"We believe the inherent beauty and value of the natural landscape is tied to our cultural history. It weaves vitality and meaning into the fabric of our daily lives. So, we acquired 462 acres of meadow, forest and historic ranch structures along the Eel River to establish a regional park. Our goal is to create opportunities for recreation, culture, agriculture, education and celebration and to ensure the enjoyment of this rich, diverse land for generations to come and to conserve the Park's scenic, historic and natural resources."

As this is in the home town of the Lost Coast Plant Therapy family, it has a special place in our heart. We donated to the creation of an asphalt parking lot, a new gate and community bulletin board at the park.



We were a major sponsor for the Santa Cruz California event.

A Drop of Paint Can Create an Ocean of Change

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is PangeaSeed Foundation’s groundbreaking public art program that brings the oceans into the streets around the world. We collaborate with some of today’s most renowned contemporary artists to create large-scale public murals that address pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing.


Gravity Water

Clean water saves lives.

Gravity Water focuses on a brand-new solution to the Global Water Crisis, providing 100% energy-free safe drinking water to schools around the world.

To date we have made a difference:
  • 5 Countries.
  • 64 schools and communities in provided safe drinking water systems. 
  • 39,300 children provided access to a daily source of safe drinking water. 
  • 95.100 liters of energy-free safe drinking water filtered every day.

Lost Coast Plant Therapy makes a monthly donation. 


Mewater Foundation

Stewards of the environment, diversity, equity and inclusion. 

MeWater Foundation works to address adjustments of trauma and stress in young people from backgrounds of poverty and violence by providing a different way of relating to the world and communities they live in, all through the power of nature and the ocean. MeWater connects vulnerable young people to positive community members and creates opportunities for youth to develop new skills, practice new coping mechanisms and form positive, reciprocal relationships with trusted peers.

All year round, MeWater runs programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including day and overnight camps for youth with a mental health approach to mindfulness, empowerment, and exposure to the ocean and outdoors.

MeWater Foundation is more than surfing. It is about increasing one's own self-reliance and purpose. It is about leveraging the strengths of people and reducing social isolation by growing positive connections within the community with the ocean as a conduit to improvement of well-being.

watch MeWater Summer 2021

Lost Coast Plant Therapy has made donations to keep their summer camps going!




“disciples making disciples churches planting churches of 2-40 people that provide water”


“give away all people & money until nothing is left”


“providing a $40,000 water system that provides 40 people water every day using air & sunlight”

Lost Coast Plant Therapy has made a donation.


Food For People

 The food bank for Humboldt County, California.

Our Vision

We envision a community where everyone has access to good quality, nutritious food, understands the consequences of hunger and poor nutrition and is committed to creating a stronger, healthier Humboldt County.

Our Mission Statement

Food for People is working to eliminate hunger and improve the health and well-being of our community through access to healthy and nutritious foods, community education and advocacy.

Our Guiding Principals

We believe in engaging the community and involving those we serve in finding solutions to eliminate hunger and food insecurity.

We believe the root causes of hunger must be addressed to realize our long-term goal of eliminating hunger.

We believe collaboration and partnerships - internally and externally - are essential to fulfilling our mission.

We recognize the dignity of all people and believe food is an essential right.

We believe hunger can be eliminated.

Our Values

  • Integrity— We will demonstrate the highest ethical standards in all interactions. 
  • Stewardship— We will be accountable to all through the efficient and environmentally responsible use of resources. 
  • Teamwork— We will foster cooperation and a sense of empowerment amongst our diverse staff, volunteers, and community partners.
  • Respect— We will treat all of our relationships with respect. 
  • Innovation— We will continually seek to provide excellent service through the development of new and improved methods to reduce hunger.
  • Empathy, Passion, Empowerment— We encourage and support the best in ourselves and those we serve and provide opportunities for everyone to participate in fulfilling our mission.

We operate a total of 18 programs, each of which is designed to address the needs of those who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity

Lost Coast Plant Therapy makes yearly donation.


No Kid Hungry

Our Cause

We all need to do our part to end childhood hunger in the United States. But millions of kids are living with hunger right now. With No Kid Hungry, you can help change that.

Our Work

No Kid Hungry is the only national campaign committed to ending childhood hunger in the U.S. This is a problem we know how to solve - but we need your help.
Kids in the United States today face real challenges, as families and communities work to recover from effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We can help, through effective programs like school meals.
Lost Coast Plant Therapy makes monthly donation.


Boys and Girls Club, Eureka California


We empower youth to reach their full potential as responsible, caring and productive citizens through professionally led programs and activities that are fun, positive and relevant in a safe, supportive and healthy environment.


We envision healthy, empowered and engaged youth who appreciate and respect themselves, each other, their families, the community and the environment.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Redwoods

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Redwoods was established in 1938 and serves the community as a youth development program for children ages 6 to 18. All of our sites offer a safe place for our members to learn, play and develop citizenship and leadership skills. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of our members by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and a power of influence, which is the Youth Development Strategy of the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Dedicated professionals and volunteers run the Club five days a week. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Redwoods is led by Monica Rose, Executive Director, a 15-year veteran of our organization. The Board of Directors who volunteer, dedicate many resources to see that the Club continues to grow and meet the community’s needs.

The national boys and girls club:

Lost Coast Plant Therapy makes a yearly donation. 


Hydseville Elementary School

Empowering students to become life long learners and productive members of society. 

Lost Coast Plant Therapy donates to equipment for and maintenance of the sports field and to the youth baseball program.