For over 53 years we have been enthusiastic organic gardeners. Our love of plants and the environment inspired the creation of Lost Coast Plant Therapy.

greetings from the lost coast farm

  • A family run company
  • Living in Humboldt County since 1972
  • 30 years in southern Humboldt mountain community
  • 23+ years along the northern coast of Humboldt County

Located on the "Lost Coast" of Humboldt county, California our farm's greenhouse was suffering from mold, powdery mildew and mites. As we tried all the natural plant protection products we could find on the market with unsatisfactory results - the light bulb went off.

Could we create something better?

We found the available products on the market for insect and disease control unsatisfactory in effectiveness. We took all our knowledge and years of experience, two years developing our formula, along with eighteen months of field testing to bring you a product with amazing results.


We are proud to provide an alternative solution to some of the agricultural industry's biggest challenges.

What makes us different? We care about the source and quality of our ingredients. Stringently screened for purity and food grade or cosmetic grade; our ingredients are organic, plant based, and NON-GMO.

We make our product in small batches to ensure quality control and bottle in

California, USA.

We trust in nature's solutions to thriving and believe in creating a sustainable future by the daily actions we take with the products we use.

Both organic and conventional farmers can be proud of taking care of the environment and their workers, while controlling crop damaging mildew, mold, fungus and insects when used as directed; with affordable and gentle Lost Coast Plant Therapy.

From 2017 through 2023 over 230,000 gallons of concentrate of our product has replaced 29.44 million gallons of harmful chemical use with a cleaner alternative.

We couldn't have done it without you, our enthusiastic customers.

Thank you!

From our farm to yours,


-The Lost Coast Plant Therapy Family