How It Works

Lost Coast Plant Therapy kills soft body insects, their larvae and eggs, powdery mildew, mold and fungus on contact without using poison!

After saturation of entire plant, our spray will adhere to the target insect, egg case or larvae. It's active ingredients then cause disruption of respiration and digestion. It also penetrates to dehydrate their entire body. Insects can never become immune to this product because they can't get immune to suffocation or dehydration.

Lost Coast Plant Therapy was designed to suffocate and dehydrate on contact. That is why it is important to thoroughly saturate your infested plants. If the product does not contact the insect it can't suffocate or dehydrate it.

Many insects and diseases are killed on contact with one application. Others, take repeat application to eliminate the problem. 

Our unique formula does not stress the plant and will not damage flowers, fruits or vegetables as long as it is applied under proper lighting  and low heat conditions.

Lost Coat Plant Therapy has been laboratory tested by CW Analytical (among others) and found to leave no residue; this means it is safe for your soil, food and ornamental plants, pets and people. With proper application our product can be used on the day of harvest.

  • Dries off quickly.
  • Tests clean. Clean ingredients means clean test results. Passes strict lab parts per billion testing. 
  • Safe to apply daily and will not interfere with plant development.
  • Safe to apply on day of harvest and as often as required throughout growth. 
  • Safe for food and medicinal plants.
  • Biodegradable.
  • PBA Free or HDPE grade bottles.


Material Safety Data Sheet - CONCENTRATE
Material Safety Data Sheet - READY TO USE DILUTION

R.E.I. (Re-Entry Interval) = 0 hours.

Insects killed on contact include soft body insects, their eggs and larvae:

The smaller the insect the faster it works. Larger soft body insects may take longer to die, or require repeat application. Contact with our product begins the death process.

  • Spider Mites: Works on all types of mites, including red spider mites, two spotted spider mites and their eggs. 
  • Broad Mites
  • Russet Mites
  • Fungus Gnats
  • White Flies
  • Thrips
  • Aphids
  • Root Knot Nemotodes
  • Ants
  • Earwigs
  • Roly-poly / Pill Bug
  • and more...

Mildew, mold, and fungus spores killed on contact. Lost Coast Plant Therapy can also be used as a preventative.

  • Powdery Mildew: Our product kills spores on contact and changes the pH of plant surface and washes off the powdery mildew already present.
  • Mold: kills molds on contact, stopping it's growth, and washes it off.
  • Botrytis (Gray Mold) 
  • Fungus: kills fungus on contact.
  • Blight
  • Leaf Rust

safe to handle

SAFE to Handle and Apply:

No more worries about accidentally getting poisonous insecticide or fungicide on your skin or breathing it in. Lost Coast Plant Therapy is completely safe and non-toxic to get on your hands and skin in the diluted, ready to use form.

As the product dries it's active ingredients evaporate leaving no residue on you or the plants.

Though the ingredients of our concentrate are also non-toxic, please use caution when handling.

Wear light weight dust mask and protective eye ware as needed.  


Common sense caution:

Keep out of eyes and mouth.

Keep out of reach of children.


Material Safety Data Sheet - CONCENTRATE
Material Safety Data Sheet - READY TO USE DILUTION