12oz Bottle

12oz Bottle

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Healthy plant protection. Effectively contact harmful insects and powdery mildew, without polluting the environment. Control bugs on contact without using poison.

  • 12 oz concentrate mixes with water to make 12 gallons of spray.

*All sizes available in cases and pallets.

Safety Data Sheet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lost coast plant therapy 12oz

Lost coast is very easy to use. I have sprayed my outside plant twice now and it seems to be working great.

Charles Charnegie
Works Well!

I was surprised on how Aphids fell off the plants upon spraying. I thought 8 oz might be too little, but it is a concentrate and goes a long way. Smells great and we love that it is all natural.

Steve W.
Works Well

LCPT does a great job getting rid of insects and powdery white fungus. Kills insects on contact, and without harming your plants. It's great that you can use it right up to harvest.
A bonus feature is that it won't clog up your water lines like neem oil does.
I'll admit it's a bit pricey, but it's well worth the price!

Frank Mooney
great stuff

my go to when the crawlies come out! very pricey, but so is everyone else.

Jo Anne B
It works!

I was introduced to this plant therapy by a local award winning cannabis grower. He gave me a sample and I tried it on gnat/spider mites infested window box flowers vs pesticide spray. The therapy did a better job, I had a prayer plant inside with mealy bugs that I was constantly after and with one dose it revived and looked beautiful for weeks.It was this moment I knew I had to buy more for all my plants!

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