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Healthy plant protection. Effectively eliminate harmful insects and powdery mildew, without polluting the environment. Control bugs on contact without using poison.

  • 2 oz concentrate mixes with water to make 2 gallons of spray.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
John Doe

Does not kill thrips and the keep deleting my review

Johnny Possum
Great Product

Now a permanent component in my IPM routine!

Enrico C.
Sucks for thrips

Does not kill thrips

Edward Gargano
Blow away

I can’t believe how fast this product works was recommended by a shop to grab this, tried the free sample to see what it was all about didn’t think it would last that long, free sample makes two gallons I have a one gallon spray bottle, each spray bottle easily coverd my ENTIER plants top and bottom of leaves, and bp flower sites, and a soil soak for three 5 gallon pots, I sprayed everything the walls and floor and around all my pots , didn’t damage anything and it ph my tap water which is at 7.8 brings my water to a 6.455 couldn’t be happier, I didn’t even have to oh the solvent mixture, smells great too! Does leave a shine on the surface of the leaves but a water wash will get rid of that apon harvest , how ever I want that sheen on my plants as it tells me I coved it well, do clog the stimatas doesn’t effect the taste of my flower, or aroma, didn’t damage the buds or hairs, or tricombs at all, I recommend this to everyone, I didn’t know my soil had an ear wig forst soil soak I watched it rush to the surface fast and die as soon as it got on top of soil was hilarious, it was at that moment I knew I needed to order more, I can only hope lost coast would sponserd me, as I tell everyone I know about this product it works that good, I also have a little baby so I only grow with organic sand to see an organised work this fast this cheap it’s a mucpstbhave for very watering and pmi, for all gardens indoors and outside alike. Well done

Carol DeGuiseppi

Free Sample

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